Revlon Photoready AirBrush Effect Foundation Review

November 25, 2016

I am back with the beauty reviews. I miss doing this so much. I have collected and tried out a  bunch of makeup in this year, so I thought I would share my experience with you guys here. I'll try to make it as honest and original as I could. Enjoy reading them on my blog.

Revolutionary formula with Light-Filtering Technology delivers a poreless, airbrushed look. Soft-focus pigments create a luminous finish. your skin has never looked so flawless. There are 12 high-resolution shades of this new foundation starting from the fairest to the darkest; Ivory, Vanilla, Shell, Nude, Natural Beige, Medium Beige, Cool Beige, Golden Beige, Rich Ginger , Caramel, Cappuccino and Mocha. It has  SPF 20 and claimed to  give medium to high coverage.

It comes in a palm size big and a strong glass bottle containing 30ml of products. It is short but wide so sometimes I have a problem with fitting them into my makeup bag. Personally, I prefer the longer bottle than a wider bottle. However, if I bring less makeup,then this foundation won't have any problem going into them. Plus, it has a convenient pump to allow the product comes out quite easily without creating a mess. 

HOW TO : Apply moisturizer and primer first to create an ultimate base. Use your finger/brush/sponge to apply the product evenly on your face. 

 I have mine in Shell which is quite fair and I was always so bad choosing foundation shade for my skin. So I ended up looking too white with this foundation.  I have to mix with darker foundation to obtain the perfect shade for my skin. I like this foundation so far because it gives a good coverage. However , I didn't quite like the shimmery effects that it is quite obvious on my face.
Last 2 weeks, one of my friends said that I look like an old lady once. I ask him why, and he said that my foundation crack. It is either I forgot to wear moisturizer on that day or this foundation is a bit drying so make sure to moisturize your face first before applying it.

Repurchase :  NO
Where to : Guardian & Watson
I bought mine at Health&Glow India for Rs1000/ Rm62.5 


  1. I'm bad at choosing my perfect shade for foundation too, I always tend to pick the darker one 😅 Btw, do you have any recommendations of drugstore foundation? Im thinking to buy one later 😃

    1. hahaha . opposite with me. think that I should start to buy more foundation with darker shade, so that I can mixed them together. For drugstore foundation, I have one from Rimmel which work wonders! Love it so much. my mom loves it too and she want it so I give it to her. I want to buy a new one but the shade that is suitable for me always ran out of stock here in India. Rimmel is not there in Malaysia right,

      so I think you can try Bourjois Healthy Mix because people have been raving about it. I just purchased it but still waiting for the parcel. Loreal True Match also has been in a lot of youtuber's favourite ! :)

  2. I pun pernah jugak tersalah beli foundation, looks fairer than me. Then i donate je to my friend daripada buang :)

    1. i suka beli salah shade tau. tapi I'm gonna make use of it by mixing with darker shade of foundation of apply bit of bronzer


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