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November 22, 2015

Definitely I have nothing else to ask. This is beyond my wishlist and imagination. I got everything , well almost everything of what people want , I am too grateful to have every of these things in my life for now. When I'm writing this , the feeling that overwhelmed my heart, was not by having many of these gorgeous gadgets , smartest tools or being rupees billionairre ( I'm not) , but by thinking of my beloved family. I just web cam with them. My father , my mother , my lil brother as well as my sistes ! I love to see their smiles and I wish I could hug them tightly though in reality I am too shy to hug anyone except my craziest little brother.  but my brother seemed too shy in the web camera, and that bothered me much . hehe

back to my new baby , I am so excited to use this baby girl or guy ? let it just be G with unknown gender, I am so excited to use it for travelling and also for vlogging ! this is too mainstream, I'm having tachycardia now.  I couldn't imagine of myself recording my own face the whole travels hehe. the surrounding for sure lah ! Hope that u will stay with me forever ya G. Don't lose yourself or don't self destroy yourself, hold tight to my hand okay. 

I probably travel around March next year , so expect some cool places in India to be in youtube for you to watch and enjoy. For vlogging in my current home place which is Bangalore, I'll consider when to do that  but definitely will do one (people will staring badly), Insyallah <3 


  1. Congrats! Just googled the specs. Seems like it is a very good camera :)

    1. it really is . I love the bokeh effect actually ;)

  2. I'm sure by the time you finish your studies, some people will mention this to you but do visit Ooty and Kodaikanal. Beautiful highland places! And try halwa and jalebi there! It is nothing like what we get in Malaysia!

  3. Wah, bestnya! Mesti lepas ni semakin bersemangat nak buat video. hehe ^^

  4. so next time u can publish a new post with more great picture.!


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