♡ Nano White CC Infinity Cream Review


Hi everyone ! I'm back with another review. I'm going to review a CC cream from Korean today. I am so excited ! I received this CC cream a few months ago. I totally forget that I have this in my vanity box. Once I found out, I decided to give a try . I am not a type of person who stick to one foundation for everyday use. Yes , I mixed it up. It going to be different depend on my mood. Thanks god , not any single foundation I have use gives me break out. I like a foundation/bb/cc cream that does not gives a patchy look through out the day .

Since this is my first time trying a CC cream , what is CC cream exactly ?
CC cream is a color control/color correcting cream.  It claims to reduce redness and improve uneven skin tone. What i know, basically CC cream is an improve version of BB cream , being boosted up with more ingredients and benefits to it. . Basically , they are just almost the same ;)

Now let me share with you, my thought about this Nano White CC cream. This CC cream was sponsored by Bag of Love. I received it together with their bag of the month back in December . Here's the link : Bag of Love

First impression
This CC cream looks very exclusive . I like the packaging. It looks professional and feel great while holding it. I don't know, but to me it is really convenient to hold. The rubber packing is so soft and easy to squeeze. It has a metallic grey cap at the bottom and can rigidly stand on my vanity table. Love the cap because it reflects the light! super nice. I don't really have a foundation that has this kind of metallic cap. Anyway, I do sometimes feel that the design is just a simple wordie on it and plain . In fact, there's nothing much at the back, just a direction on how to use and the amount of this CC cream.

Sorry about the lighting, it suddenly gets brighter 6_'6
Let's talk about the content.
I love the delicacy of the cream since it is not too thick to me. The shade of mine is natural beige and it looks a bit dark on my hand for first squeeze but after blending it the color does change slightly and matches my skin really well. I love it since it does not give a patchy look on my face.. The most stand out feature to me is the SPF level . It has SPF50 PA++ , which is really high and really good to protect my skin from the harsh sun light.  For sure this will be one of my travel kits :D

Coverage - 3/5
All I can say is the redness is gone . But it does not hide my acne scars and dark circles.

Whitening -2/5
Only a slight change

Smell - 3/5
Just typical cc/bb cream smell. It do smells like olive oil to me.

Consistency 3/5
Just great . No glowy or dewy look.

Last but not least, a bunch of thanks to Bag of Love for letting me try this Cc cream and to you as well for reading this !

Do you have any favourite CC cream? Don't forget to share your thoughts !



  1. Tukar header ye? Hehe. Belum pernah cuba lagi CC cream ni. Ramai kata CC cream is better than BB cream...

    1. A'ah syaza . thanks sebab perasan . hihi . betul2 , tu yang anis dengar gak ..

  2. This is my favourite CC cream at the moment! Not that I have that many...haha.. I tend to stick to one skin base. Did it come out of the tube white in colour and gradually change once you rub it into the skin?

    Agree with you on the coverage and finish. It doesn't cover much which makes it absolutely lightweight. People with no blemishes but only want to even out skintone a bit would love this. Also mattifying. Oh yeah, for whitening effect, choose one shade lighter. ^^

    1. i know right .. i saw it in your blogpost..
      for my shade it didn't come out white . but fair tan..

      that's is completely true. i couldn't agree more bcoz it is actually one of my reason wearing it before i wear the talkum powder, to even out my skintone. i see . gotta put it in mind.

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  4. akak so not that rajin untuk tepek2 hehehe.. kenot lah..
    lagi2 coz i always sweat teruk kalo under the sun.. aaargh..

  5. nice review ! tak pernah lg guna CC cream or any products from nano white. hehee
    nampak ada perubahan pd kulit tu.

  6. Hi.. where u bought it? i been using this brand too. It's the best one i found in this price range. Unfortunately, most of the shop not selling anymore... May i know where u bought it?

    1. hey Jaynie , I'm afraid to say that this cc cream was sponsored by Bag of Love last year. but you may check it out at Watson ? coz I saw it was selling there last time .

  7. cc ni memang bagus, tapi sussah dah nak cari. bila pakai rasa ringan dan tahan lama. sampai member tegur kata glowing. merah pipi tau..hehe. sapa2 tau mana nak dapat. anyway good review and nice blog.

  8. I don't remember the brand name but there is one Korean product that I bought and it covers up my dull complexion well but I lost it somewhere :(
    Now, I'm not using a CC cream because it's hard to get them that is close to my skin tone ( it's either too dark or vice versa)