Must Buy Lipsticks (May 2015)

May 3, 2015

Hi there! You know what, the more I posted about make up products or skin care, the more I love to talk about it! So please bear with it my readers. 

Here I listed 2 lipsticks that I think we should have it. Well,it is not "we" as I'm the one who want to have it anyway. Actually I am a type of girl who would probably say NO to lipstick due to certain reasons. If you want to know why I don't like wearing lipstick,check the link here.(will do,just got the idea)
Nevertheless, I got influenced by youtubers, insta famous and all beautiful creatures in the world that I should wear lipstick too.
Look here,Zoella in her dark berry plum lipstick which looks so amazing.( Oh I am so bad at describing a lipstick color.Pardon.)

So let's get started.

#1 Maybelline Nude Perfection Colour Drama

I never ever try a nude color lipstick and I am very much excited to try it. I like the way she said that this look is inspired by  _ _ _    . And i think that is cool! You know the feeling like you dress like a Hollywood artist,you gonna feel very cool :)  

However, I still afraid of trying nude lips look because I do not have a fair skin so I'm afraid it would turn my face pallor .
Anyhow, I guess I would just buy it,and decide to wear it or not later.

#2 NYX Alabama

First time I see this lipstick I already set in mind that I gonna purchase this! Must! Since NYX brand can be easily gotten. You can browse in the Instagram or any beauty websites. There are a ton of them that sell NYX cosmetics products. 

I'm inspired with Zoella,Anis Syafira for this lipstick color.

Well that's all for today. What is your wishlist or must buy lipstick that you want it so much? 
Leave the comment below because I would love to know what's your favorite//wishlist lipstick. 

Much kisses,



  1. Zoe can rock any lipstick colour though . so jelly of her ! >,<

    1. Rightttttt.. Jealous jugak! She's amazing

  2. maaaaigad !! sapa tak suka NYX ~~ hahaha..


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