Ipoh Food Hunting : Classix 235

I've been food hunting with my fellow friends for quite sometimes. I really want to take those restaurant pictures, the food and all stuffs like that but I literally failed! 

I felt regret not to blog about food hunting coz I really want to share with you best places to eat in Ipoh and make those stomach full with yummy mumy  food and beverages.but i don't take pictures, so no blog updates. 

Sometimes I will be like," okay, today I am going to take the pictures of the food and posted it in blog, but When I arrived at the restaurant,I am completely forgot and jump into eating it until it's over, then I realized I haven't took a picture yet" bye bye restaurant, I will be here again if the food was delicious .

But yesterday, i did it!!! 

Restaurant : Classix
In ipoh, near Petronas (can you google please) i just want to share the food.

Hot Spaggeti : Rm6
Wuuu, it was tasty but a little bit sour.

Ice cream with chocolate cake 
I love love this. !

I actually ordered my favourite food which is Meatballs with cheese. But i forgot tho take the pictures. It was also cheap, Rm8 for 12 meatballs with cheese! Awesome !! 


  1. wahhh murah betul.. tgk makanan mcm kat hotel punya kan... akak mesi pergi nanti... tapi petronas banyak di Ipoh tu hehehehe...

    1. A'ah murah!! Ramak org kat situ sbb murah kot plus service dia cepat jugak even ramai orang.. Haha! Tepi petronas dekat fairpark.. Fairpark Dekat dengan hospital permaisuri bainun Huhuu

  2. meatballs rm8. serius berbaloi sangat. T^T
    sedapnya aiskrim with choc cake tu. teringin nak makan la pulak. :D

  3. okay jugak tu... dapat tengok kek aiskrim yang sangat murah tu pun dah nice... makan makan tu kemudian datang lagi baru amik gambar...