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Result Exam Module dah keluar!

December 3, 2014

My previous module's result

Hi ! I couldn't ask more for what I've got. I couldn't look back and I'm happy for what I'd done.


We shouldn't look back yet we have to learn from the mistakes. I personally extremely partly or maybe completely feel dissapointed with my latest result which is a result from Endocrine Module. I've couldn't answered very well during the examination but I still expected miracles to happen.

And finally, yesterday I went to Anatomy building to see my result at my current mentor ,Prof Myo Tan.. I can't resist my eagerness to find out what the result would be for this time and I come out from the building with dissapointment. 

My result was not bad at all. No .  It was not. Seriously if you got A- for the paper, would you ask for more? Would you?

I know to the certain extents, we won't appreciate what we got if we always get higher grade than that. I don't wan't to be like that. I want  to be good girl who know to be gratefull in life.

Overall,I think I deserve that moderate grade due to certain reasons. I won't ask more but I'll fix it. I'll won't step back and I will always learn for the sake of sick people that I wish cure and treat one day. I want to help people while make my parents proud of me. That's my only robust reasons to never give up.

I should multiply my efforts and do not take things for granted anymore.

Little updates

My busyness has slow down recently.
Commenting task at Denaihati.com was over. Filming for Nuffnang blogbuster campaign done, and now in the editing process. New module already started. 

I received two pairs of lens that I'm going to review this weekend.

I won a consolation prizes for SEO contest  Buat duit di Ilancee.com

Enough with that ;)


  1. hi dear :) singgah bw here. such a nice blog u have. suka suka :)

  2. gambar selfie yg menarik... sapa amik tu? A- is not bad at all... itu memberi ruang untuk semakin berjuang...

    1. Haha! Ambik sendiri nama pun selfie .. Kuikuii. Betul tu , and now I'm move on

  3. Congrats anis! Hopely, ada rezeki menang lagi dekat cabaran komen denaihati tu kan :)

    1. Terima kasih PG ! Hopefully sangat! Harap2 bawa pulang sesuatu yg memberansangkan ;)

  4. Salam hai! Thanx singgah my blog, it's my first time here...ur blog very nice...congrates untuk result cemerlang u, congrates menang2 semua tu, very the rezeki tau :D hehe

    *nak kawin tema watercolour ke? nice kan..hehe


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