Review : Curl Impact Collagene Mascara Waterproof


I am a fan of mascara before this, but I'm not usually wearing it. A few drawbacks have prevent me to always has a mascara stick on my eyelashes.but mascara is a must in a special event like wedding ceremony, hanging out with friends n etcetra but not to go to the class.

I rarely bought mascara so I do not really have an experience with it.

Before this, I am Avon & Maybelline user,but this time, I would like to try mascara from Loreal.
It is because I read a lot of reviews about the greatness of Loreal Telescopic Mascara and how good it is from a lot of beauty bloggers.
That is why I want to try Loreal brand !

Unfortunately,when I went to the shopping mall ,the sales girl said that Telescopic Mascara is not released anymore. But I just pick one of them which is Curl Impact Collagene Volume Mascara Waterprooof !

My review

If you are looking for waterproof mascara,then this is the perfect mascara for you.. The fibres would still stick at your eyelashes though you have clean your face. I have to wash my face a few time to remove the fibres.

Sadly, it would left some dark shade under your eyes after the fibres have been remove. It cause smudge by not really apparent.
Either you need to put some make up remover or just let it fade by itself for 1-2 days.
Too waterproof so it's hard to remove when I want to pray.

Price : (Rm33.0-Rm36.0 )
this is the range because I dont remember the exact value
Where you can get?
or any store that offers Loreal cosmetics range