Review : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream from Doodle toodle

Hye pretty ladies . I cannot wait any longer . First of all, I would like to apologise to the owner of doodletoodle for the delay of this review . I kind of very much like the lip creams given, but I tend to focus on my study first and now (good news), because of Raya Holidays, I got time to blog some beauty stuffs. what a relief ;)

You know, this is my first time try to use lip creams in my everyday looks. Before I choose the color of the lipcreams, I was really trying hard browsing the most suitable colors of the lip creams that suit my skin well.

Finally , I got mine in Antwerp and San Paulo.

Reviews from others have proven, that these lip creams are the best and it is the best lip creams I ever had ! though there are some glitches. but it is not really affect me as I can counter that glitches easily  which is very fantastic !

First of, let's talk about the brand.

NYX Cosmetics, named after the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night, uniquely offers a permanent collection of special-occasion makeup in addition to a solid selection of every day basics and on-trend shades.NYX is available in 70+ countries at thousands of retailersas well as on

NYX is quite a famous and earcandy brand for me as I always heard about their cosmetics such as eyeshadows,eyeliners,lipsticks and others. It also has a good review from others but this is my first time trying this brand and reviewing it and suprisingly ,I really love it !

I was very excited when doodletoodle offers me two matte lipcreams from their shop. I kind of overwhelming and over the moon as I am just an ordinary girl to review this.*but I'll try my best*
I dont know how to describe the feeling to you .FYI,it is one my my weakness to tell a story to others and make sure that the story sound interesting . *distracted*
by the way, at first, I wasn't expecting much but it did pass the threshole level of my satisfaction on my first try ^___^

Since I was looking for a long lasting lips product , NYX matte lipcream comes in a perfect time !
This is no joke , and now , I am still using it and plan to purchase some other colours of this lipcream from doodletoodle. Can you see how much I love it.

palm size very handy


Great pigmentation

Beautiful colors

Nice fragrance


Sometimes dry out after a while

Cannot apply without mirror x.x

I've taken a bunch of photos with Antwerp on my face. Let's have a quick look :D

Actually, pictures don't do the justice since the color turn out very nice if you could see it face to face.

You know what, you can choose the color easily from here + hundreds of reviews there and directly whatsapp doodletoodle of which color you would like to try the most. Doodletoodle owner is very friendly so do not hesitate if you have any inquiries ~

Before I forget , my highest gratitude to Doodle Toodle for giving me this. Thank you so much my dear and sorry too!
Selamat hari raya!

Have a blast day by having a blast lips !


  1. Antwerp is my fave out of all the NYX lip creams! <3 I really do think it's the shade that suits everybody. It looks great on you. :)

    1. True ! Me too. I prefer antwerp than san paulo. but san paulo gives a brave yet sexy looks. I love antwerp very much for my everyday looks

  2. comel! tak menyerlah sangat. nice review :D

  3. @IK Tia kan , sbb tak menyerlah sgt boleh jd everyday must use make up, huhu

  4. @IK Tia kan , sbb tak menyerlah sgt boleh jd everyday must use make up, huhu

  5. kak KM suka tengok muka awak tau... nasib baik kak KM tak preggy, kalau tak mesti terkenan muka awak yg cumil tu hihi...

    1. haha kak KM ni, segan pulak kite.muka kita biasa2 jela.. kalau terkenan boleh dpt anak muka sama. hehe

  6. Its great to see this review. Ive always like matte colours too but ive never tried nyx. Itll be in my wishlist. :} Anyways you look great in nyx! And the drawings on your is so pretty :}♥

    1. Gina,you should try this lip cream. I guarantee that it won't disappoint you ;)
      btw thankss . hehe