Baucer buku jangan lupa guna before 31 Julai !

July 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum ಥ‿ಥ
Sape student lagi kat sini?
Baucer buku RM250 dah guna ? kalau belum , diingatkan dekat sini baucer buku tu hanya valid sampai 31 Julai 2014 tau , jadi jangan lupa untuk shopping buku. kalau tak rugi je tauu . kalau tak baca pon takpe, beli je . boleh la buat amal jariah hadiahkan kat anak menakan ke, sedara ke , kawan ke. habis tak tahu sangat nak bagi dekat sape, meh sini bagi dekat owner blog ni haa hihi:)

Tadaaa ! See see , I have spent all left RM200 Malaysia Book Voucher at Popular Bookstore today.
I plan to go to Kamal Bookstore to buy Medical Book there because of the cheap prices and the variety of books but , unfortunately I do not have chance to go there since Kamal Bookstore is at Kuala Lumpur while I studied at Ipoh,Perak. I have plan a few times to go to Kamal Bookstore but none of them success.

Medical Books at Popular is quite expensive to me , but I have no choice , but I'm also thankful that they also have a few medical books so my voucher did not spent unconsciously. 
I got 
  1. Oxford Medical Dictionary,
  2. Handbook of Emergency Nursing,
  3. Chienese Dictionary,
  4. Word Skills
  5. Star Wars English Novel
  6. The great wife
  7. Score in Muet 
Then I also received RM10 voucher from Popular because I've spent RM150 and above Malaysia book voucher at Popular. So I just grab some stationaries which are a cute file and a note book.

 I become interested in Star Wars movie when I watched How I Met Your Mother, where Ted and Marshall look like a die hard fan of StarWars. So that kind of reaction, really push my eagerness to know how exactly the movie is but I did not have a chance to watch it yet. But it's okay , what about to read the story first :)

The great wife is the last book that really catch my attention today , I'd love to read it though I am not an official wife yet :) 
At first,I plan to give it to my sister , even so I would ask her first either she want it or not.
 Anyway, please let me have a glance first hihhii

That's all . Me and my brother while waiting the SA to bring the shoes.
adik yang manja yang sempat lagi pojing pojing yang comel yee .

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  1. Rugi kalau tak abiskan baucer buku. Huhu..selamat hari raya. :D


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