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July 21, 2013

Hello to all ! It is very hard to me to choose the right winners , but after all I already elected 5 winners form Instagram and 5 more from blog,  . :D Thank you to all of you for your endless supports . I was truely overwhelmed with it . I want to give more presents as I got a lot of entries but I dont have a lot of sponsors. Bagi yang tak menang tak pe , next time keh . Jangan putus asa .. Last but not least,.. Arigatoo ^_^/  and

Congratulation !
won Perfume from @dollyperfume
won Perfume from @dollyperfume
won  Lace Border 2 metre from @fashionbyrosewar
won Topup RM10 from Mysara Abrahman
Mask Korea from Mysara Abrahman

For 3 prizes at top , redeem your prize at their instagram ya . thanks ..
any problem do inform me at my fan page blurrr4evablurr

The striketrough sponsors are given on Instagram :D
Perfume from @dollyperfume 1 2 3
 Lace Border 2 metre from @fashionbyrosewar
Custom Made Phone Case @cimieko_closet
Peplum Blouse from @qinafashion
Bedak Sejuk Tanaka from @nrstore33
RM10 voucher at @KittyQueeny 
Mask Korea from Mysara Abrahman like sini
Topup RM10 from Mysara Abrahman like sini 

I would to inform that KittyQueeny has new items in store XD 
check on Instagram . @kittyqueeny
Collect armcandies for your Eid :D


  1. whoa,congratez to all..alhamdulillah..rezeki bulan puasa...hehee,,x sabr nk perfu tu! heheh

  2. sy punye internet x ok...tibe2 FB disable,susah nk betulkan smeula dgn line is not clear...and...instagram..i will try,,if i cannot how to link with them?to grab my present? heee~


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