Biology Nutrition FORM4 *soalan wajib SPM setiap tahun

November 19, 2011

A girl is taking unbalanced diet in her daily life in long period . high cholesterol and low fibres . what consequences probably she can get ?

First . she can get constipation . (sembelit) . because no fibre in her diet and the faeces move very slow.

Second, arteriosclerosis . because the fat deposited in the lumen of her blood vessel . cause the channel for the blood to flow become narrow , thus it contribute for high blood pressure which can also cause stroke .

Third, agine . (sakit dada) there is blockage in  coronary artery 

Fourth, diabetes mellitus . it is bcoz the higher level of glucose/sugar in blood . 

Fifth, obesity . increase in weight drastically

Sixth, scurvy . lack of vitamin C .

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 (please ignore the spelling or grammar mistakes :P tq )

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