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September 22, 2011

안녕히 주무세요 . (selamat malam) imprimis , please ignore the grammar mistakes or the spelling error as i did not preview my post at all after finished any entry . about the grammar mistakes,bla bla bla(oh whatever) . actually i am not in mood to update this blog . (゙皿") i am totally upset with my grammar until i see the way to inglorious myself to all bloggers about my severe english.  this entry purpose is radiate my new intention in blogging :) start from now this blog will switch to a blog called personal blog where i only wrote whatever i want about my life 

 people who involuntary followed my blog , i think you can unfollowed my blog with light-hearted because i think my next and next entry will be much absurd .. i eagerly and longingly to wrote in english in this blog after this even though my english is quite broken :)) 

i am wondering either to disable comment or leave it as usual . i dont care about comment or whatever yet .iit just wasting my time and break my spirit . about tutorial and header .. i dont know what to sayy .. but it think, i gonna leave it for a while ..


  1. i love the way u had turn baby!!! blogging for our passion not for other people..yeayh!!

  2. hehehhe .. thank youu darling . tired with blogging for another peep. like you sayy .... hoho :))

  3. just be watever u wanna be...but mke sure u love being that person..

  4. comel laa blog dye.. suke tgk!


  5. nak tanyee , ieka gunaa blogskin , tapi nak letak cursor camne ek ?

  6. nak tanyee , ieka gunaa blogskin , tapi nak letak cursor camne ek ?


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