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Catrice All Round Concealer Review

March 3, 2017

I upload this video on youtube on Drugstores Makeup tutorial and someone asks me about this concealer. So I though I would like to give a brief opinion of mine in this blog. I hope this would help you if you are eyeing on it. 

Full Cover! Allround Concealer by Catrice includes 5 different shades to ensure perfect coverage. The texture is creamy, smooth and easy to blend. 
Shades: Lighter beige: minimizes complexion irregularities and hides imperfections 
Darker beige: can be used to contour cheekbones 
Pink: hides dark circles under eyes 
Green: neutralizes redness around the nose or on blemishes
from their website
I love the packaging very much because it is clear and made from the sturdy plastic container. The shape is also very sleek and easy to carry.

How to :
Take the product using your finger or concealer brush to apply on your face. I prefer to use brush more compared to finger. I find using brush gives more coverage to the problematic areas.
Use the pink shades to cover any dark areas.
Use the green shades neutralize any redness.
Use the beige shades to hide any imperfections or conceal the eyebrow.

To be honest, I cannot compare much with other color corrector because this is the one and only color corrector that I have. From my experience using this concealer during outing and also inside makeup tutorial, it was hard to get the pink/peach color out and apply it my under the eye. Maybe because it was also not as creamy as I wanted it to be.  It was also not easy to blend. Having said that, the beige color was quite easy to work with. I apply it to conceal my brow and I was quite satisfied with it so far.

However, I think it is better to apply this color corrector under my eye than not putting any color corrector to get rid of those bothering dark circle under the eyes. Although it is not creamy as I wanted it to be , but i think it is a good drugstores color corrector.

Coverage : 2.5 / 5

Overal rating : 3.3/5
Repuchase it again ?    I don't think I would do. but I do let you know if I have change my mind.
Where to buy ?   Watson, Guardian and retailed pharmacy

Have you tried this concealer ? what do you think?

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