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Quotes of the day about blogging

November 2, 2014

A S S A L A M U A L A I K U M 

Hye , I am keen to update blog nowadays , because I have nothing to do right now .
All time free , all time holiday , best moments of the year ! :D

These two quotes I pick it from my older post , it was a comment from two different people.
Very inspiring when I first read it back, because I want to write something , but I don't know what should I write .

Trying to figure out catchy title to capture other's attention. but end up , please ,.... 

❤ Blogging for our passion not for other people

❤ Just be whatever you want to be , 

but make sure you love being that person

I have to read a few times these few lines of meaningful quotes. I really have to stick in it my head like forever !


  1. totally agree! Happy blogging! =)

  2. Sangatt betuull. Dalam berjuta orang mesti terlekat sorang peranngai atau minat dia sama dengan kita hehe. Kann.? So. Masing2 blog ada masing2 punya style. ^^

  3. I love being me! <333 Hehe nice quote dear! Thanks for sharing

  4. Nice quote anis..
    Yes..love yourself k..
    Masing2 ada keunikan sendiri..
    BW here


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